Monday, February 16, 2009

Winter Inspiration

Mike suggested we go for a walk yesterday and check out the trees. From the windows of the house, it looked like the trees were covered with frost, but on closer inspection we saw that it was really snow. The flakes had fallen large and they clung to the tree branches the way iron filings cling to a magnet. The sun was bright and it lit up the snow flakes so that everything was a brilliant white. Despite the sun, the air was crisp and I had to keep my camera tucked into my jacket.

A steady wind worked to undo the magic of the clinging snowflakes... by the time we finished our walk it was already blowing the flakes off the trees and onto the ground. The winter landscape is an inspiration in contrasts of light on dark and dark on light. I looked at the mittens on my hands and realized how much the contrasts in monochromatic colours has inspired my recent knitting... Even when the contrast is subtle, the imagery of the winter landscape is incredible. The new snow is clean; we can see and hear our tracks in the snow; and when the wind blows the snowflakes clear of the branches the flakes themselves are so big, you expect to hear them chime or tinkle as they hit the ground.