Wednesday, April 2, 2008

2 April 2008: A Moose, A Muse and a lotta Marketing

Last week, my business partners and I went to Chicago for a retailer's conference. We had a day to wander around downtown and we spent it on the windy, cold and sunny streets - alternating the blasts of bright cold air with visits inside cute boutique stores. On the way to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, we passed by the Chicago Tribune building and saw this metal moose. I don't know it's significance or if it has a special meaning... but it was very cool to walk down the street and stumble upon this "Canadian" symbol. The statue was big and shiny and I couldn't resist taking a picture.
I also took my new acquisition, a book called "Selbuvotter" by Terri Shaw along with me and read it on the plane. It's a great history of mitten making in Scandanavia (I know, I know... pretty obscure interest of mine). I am inspired now to make patterned mittens and everything I knit has at least two strands of colour going through it.
The conference was very good. Quick sessions with pertinent topics. Good speakers and a small audience. We came back with new ideas and confirmation of our business strategy - all in all, worth the trip and the time.

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