Saturday, April 5, 2008

5 March 2008: Snow Day

Wisp and I are bored. An incredible amount of snow has come down here overnight and it's just recently stopped snowing, but it's still very wet and "goopy" outside. Wisp is watching water drip from the eaves and alternates this activity with brief naps. I'm updating my webs and alternating my activity with snacks.

It's a snow day. I could go outside and play. Or...

I could stay indoors and spin. I need to spin. I have a lot of fibre to work on and I should be working on my Level 2 (Spinning) homework. I even have a very colourful bag of Fleece Artist hand dyed superwash merino top to spin. See? I've got one bobbin full already. I just need to pull up a chair, find a dvd and encourage the cat to come away from the window (she likes to play with the roving as I draft it up and into the wheel.)
Yeah, I'm going to do that. I have no excuses... the kids are out, the sidewalk's shovelled and I've done my piddly housework for the day (I made my bed and tidied up the kitchen - isn't that enough?)


Pam 'oh Da Woods said...

I just foung your site...I feel for ya with the snow...I myself hate winter!!
But to one chocolate lover to another...hang in there and go grab another piece of chocolate!!
Pam 'Oh Da Woods

Mom said...

Watching the melting snow is far more funt than doing homework.